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Juan Argento
Managing Partner
Prior to joining Horizon Capital in 2010, Juan was a consultant to Millennium Global, a London-based USD 13 billion hedge fund group. Juan advised Millennium regarding investments in public markets as well as private investments.  He was particularly active in mining, oil & gas, and agriculture.  Prior to Millennium, Juan worked for Rubikon Partners, a mid-market private equity firm, focused on the European market and chaired by Dr. Henry Kissinger.  At age 27, Juan started Circulo Asegurador, one of the first online insurance brokers in South America, with operations in Brazil and Argentina.  Edgar Bronfman Jr. was an important investor in Circulo.  Prior to that, in 1997, Juan was an early recruit of Texas Pacific Group and worked for them in the US and Argentina.  He started his professional career in New York at age 23, working for Salomon Brothers.  Juan graduated with honors in Economics from Harvard University.

"In looking for people to hire, look for three things: integrity,

intelligence and energy. And if they don't have the first, the

other two will kill you."


- Warren Buffet

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